Master's thesis

Students write their master's thesis in the second year of study, as part of their in-depth study, which earns 30 ECTS credits.

Students select a topic from one of the in-depth study subject areas.

Purpose of the master's thesis

The purpose of the master's thesis is for students to work on a problem, with academic support, from the areas of Public Management and Politics, identify links, connections and issues and develop proposed solutions. The master's thesis can be combined with an internship.

Option 1: master's thesis with no internship

24 weeks are available for drafting the master's thesis with no internship.
Students propose a topic that is approved by a lecturer in the PMP master's or by another approved member of teaching staff.
The terms for the master's thesis and the criteria for assessment comply with the requirements of the faculty of the member of teaching staff responsible.
When submitting the master's thesis, students must provide evidence of 60 ECTS credits earned through interdisciplinary Foundation Studies.

The application for “master thesis with no internship” is filled in immediately before the master thesis is started and a signed copy is submitted to the secretariat.

Option 2: master's thesis with internship (option)

Students can combine their master's thesis with an internship of at least 12 weeks (100% employment). The internship is undertaken within a Public Administration location, such as federal government, the canton of Bern or the city of Bern.
The scope of the master's thesis and the time available for it is modified according to the period of the internship.
Students must compile a written report of their internship. This is graded and counts towards the master's thesis.

Students opting for an internship should usually submit the relevant request at the latest by the end of the semester preceding the internship.
No account can be taken of any previously completed internship.

Content and form of the master's thesis

The requirements for content and form comply with the guidelines for written work as part of the PMP master's as well as with the supervisor's stipulations and the requirements of the respective institution.


PMP master's theses completed from 2013 (≥ grade 5)