In-depth study

In-depth study (3rd and 4th semesters)

Courses are held in Switzerland's three language regions. This encourages student mobility.

From a special qualification point of view, the in-depth study consists of one or more options in the chosen field that are offered by individual partners in their respective locations. This is also the field in which students usually write their master's thesis.

At the University of Bern, students can choose their in-depth study from the following four fields:

  • Public Law
  • Public Management
  • Public Economics
  • Political Sciences

Master's thesis

Students write their master's thesis during the 4th semester. In the process, students can decide for themselves whether they wish still wish to undertake an internship alongside their master's thesis.

Semester abroad

PMP master's students have the opportunity of completing a course of study at a foreign partner university. A special agreement exists with the universities of Potsdam, Hamburg, Aix Marseille und Roma Tor Vergata.

Account will only be taken of certified coursework that achieves the grades and the number of ECTS credits.


Students send the following information or documents to the Secretary's Office for the PMP master's:

  • Request to undertake a semester abroad for the attention of the Directorate of Studies
  • The request must include the following information:
    • Detailed reasons why the student wishes to undertake a semester abroad
    • The value added to the PMP master's by undertaking a semester abroad

The Directorate of Studies reviews the request. If the Directorate of Studies approves the request, students should contact the International Office.
Further information can be found on the International Office's home page.


All important documents can be found here in German (study regolations, templates, FAQ).