QAD Expert Committee

The QAD Expert Committe supports the Faculty, departments, and institutes in quality assurance and serves in a permanent advisory capacity to the Faculty. Its members are:

  • the quality representative of the Faculty
  • representatives of the centers
  • representatives of the departments
  • the research assistant for quality 
  • a delegate representing adjunct faculty
  • a delegate representing assistants and students
  • a delegate representing the administrative staff of the Faculty

The body prepares Law Faculty decisions, exchanges experiences and information between the departments, and discusses Law Faculty matters of importance. The body generally meets twice a year and follows the Faculty's QAD Guidelines (PDF, 4.0 MB) as its basis. 

In addition to all of the efforts mentioned so far, the Faculty appoints individuals to be responsible for evaluating education, research, the promotion of young academics, equal opportunities, continuing education, sustainable development, internationalization, and digitalization.