Quality in Education

Evaluation of the Courses

Course evaluation are an essential instrument to reflect individually on teaching staff and form the basis for discussion about quality in education. For this reason, all lectures in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are evaluated every third cycle. In some cases, an interim evaluation may be planned in addition.

The corresponding questionnaires can be found on the Vice Rectorate Education website.

The results of last year's course evaluation show a consistently positive assessment regarding the educational experience at the University of Bern Law School. The students report that the courses are challenging and well designed amd consider the study material appropriately conveyed.

Analysis of the Assessments (Exams and Other Graded Work)

The new QAD guidelines also provide a regular evaluation of certain assessments. The first experiences with the standard questionnaire of the Vice Rectorate Education will be gathered in January 2021. Meanwhile, the Faculty has already conducted evaluations of examination and grading practices in previous years. The results show that all departments and institutes have developed a sound practice for the evaluation and grading of assessments. For example, grading grids and sample solutions are used to ensure systematic and consistent correction/grading of assessments.

Transparent communication of the correction results is also of great importance to the institutes. Sample solutions are either published on the websites, or official exam review sessions take place so that students can follow the assessment and grading of their assessments.

Degree Program Evaluation 2020

A comprehensive evaluation of the Bachelor's and Master's degree program has been conducted in the fall semester of 2020. Bachelor's students in the fifth semester and Master's students in the third semester were surveyed online. In addition, lecturers from all departments and a representative of the adjunct lecturers were interviewed in person. An external perspecitve has further been obtained due to the new requirements of the University: a roundtable exchange with practicing lawyers has been conducted. The questions on which the evaluation was based related, in particular, to the study objectives, the period of study, and the courses offered. Based on the evaluation results, the QSE Commission developed a catalog of measures. The report including the catalog of measures was approved by the faculty on November 18, 2021.