Master of Advanced Studies MAS

Target Audience

This program is designed for law school graduates who have completed their Master’s of Law (earlier known as Licenciat in German-speaking Switzerland) or for those who hold an equivalent law degree. The Faculty of Law determines whether a candidate’s earlier training is recognized as equivalent.


The LL.M. Program allows postgraduates to gain comprehensive knowledge in one or more specific fields of law. A unique feature of this program is the possibility to design, in collaboration with one’s faculty supervisor, an individualized study plan. This approach allows program participants to choose subjects according to their focus/interests.

Scope, Duration, Costs

Scope: The LL.M. Program must consist of at least 60 ECTS credits, of which 10 ECTS credits are awarded for the LL.M. thesis. Further rules regarding the division of ECTS credits are described in the "Reglement für das Weiterbildungsprogramm in Rechtswissenschaft (DAS; LL.M.)" of March 22, 2012. A list of lectures offered can be found in Annexes 2 and 3 of the Study Plan of October 16, 2014.
Duration: The program can last up to a maximum of 4 years if done part-time.
Costs: CHF 11'000.00 in total (excluding study materials)

Registration and Deadlines

Registration: In addition to the written registration form for the continuing education program, the Dean's Office (Ms. Eva V. Laederach) requires the documents listed in Art. 13 of the "Reglement für das Weiterbildungsprogramm in Rechtswissenschaft (DAS; LL.M.)" of March 22, 2012. Please note that a strong command of the German language (C1 – TELC / Goethe Institut) is a requirement.
Application deadline: January 31 for the spring semester / August 31 for the fall semester


Please use the following link concerning information of how to register for examinations: Studies > Examinations.

LL.M. Thesis

The formal guidelines for the LL.M. thesis are analogous to those for the Master's thesis in the Master's Degree Program: Guidelines Master's Thesis (PDF, 101KB).

Additional Information

  • The rules regarding submission deadlines differ from the ones of the Master's Degree Program. In the LL.M. Program, submission deadlines, choices of topic, and the scope of the thesis are determined solely in consultation with the faculty supervisor. For more information, see Empfehlungen des Dekanats für das Verfassen von Magister- und Diplomarbeiten.pdf (PDF, 134KB) (Document in German).
  • The student’s faculty supervisor also generally supervises the LL.M. thesis. Exceptions can be granted after prior consultation with the student’s faculty supervisor and the program manager in the Dean’s Office.

Graduation Ceremonies

The graduation ceremonies take place in May or November annually.

(Information in German only)

Das ISK bietet fachspezifische Studiengänge in Strafrecht und Kriminologie an. 
Um die Kompatibilität von Studium und Beruf bestmöglich zu gewährleisten, sind die Studiengänge modular aufgebaut und finden jeweils an Freitagen und Samstagen statt. 
Sie beinhalten den Besuch von obligatorischen und frei wählbaren Modulen gemäss Studienplan sowie bei den Studiengängen DAS, MAS und LL.M. das Abfassen der Abschlussarbeit.

Die Studiengänge führen zu universitär diplomierten Abschlüssen und Titeln.

  • MAS: Master of Advanced Studies Kriminologie (MAS Krim Unibe)
  • LL.M.: Legum Magister/Legum Magistra Kriminologie (LL.M. Krim Unibe)

Weitere Informationen

For graduates pursuing high-level executive positions in the public sector, the University of Bern offers the Executive Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. This program prepares its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for leadership roles in the future.

Further Information

The MAS in Healthcare Management is aimed at senior executives from all areas of healthcare and health policy. It is part of the continuing education program in the healthcare sector, which is a joint effort of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bern.

Further Information